How to take pictures for your product offer

When you take photos for the B2B App or to prepare a professional offer for your clients, it is extremely important that you take the pictures in a specific way:

  • clear > the product has to be clearly visibile in all its details
  • small in KB > the image you attached to your Excel file or to the email, has to be small in KB (each picture much less than 1 MB), otherwise there is a high risk that your client (the buyer) will never open or even receive your offer.
    • this does not mean that the picture has to be small in cm. A picture can be large in cm, but small in KB.
  • white background > pictures have to be consistent among each other, with same background, preferably white and with no other objects on background or on the side.

This seems to be logic, but very few vendors respect these simple rules and on the other hand, buyers are very demanding on that.

In order to achieve this, the most efficient way is the following one:

  1. buy a Photo Light Box including a good lighting kit – you can find them easily on amazon or other websites (budget 100 euros) photo kit
  2. you can use your iphone or your camera to take the pictures, but make sure the settings of the camera are for reduced size images (no need HD or very large images)
  3. if your images are still heavy (more than 300 KB each), then you should definitely reduce them using an online free software like this one: WEBRESIZER

For each product, try to take 2 or 3 pictures at least. Pictures from different angles and/or pictures that show some details of the product.

So first one picture of the whole product, then one picture of the product on a different angle, then at least one picture of a detail of the product. See here below some examples

photo example photo example photo example app photo example

In this case the pictures were not taken in a Light Box; these are taken in a studio, with special lighting.

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