How to prepare the Excel file Offer

The Product Offer is in most of the cases, your best selling tool you have available. It has to be in an Excel file because buyers tend to work on Excel.

Unless you are dealing directly in a meeting with a buyer, most of the time you need to send him/her all the details of the offer in a very concise, clear and complete way.

This is extremely important because if the file is poor in details, or heavy in MB (due to the pictures), buyers will be reluctant to see it, or there would be an intense emailing exchange in order to fill buyers’ questions about the offer.

So here it is a summary on how a good Photo Offer can be prepared:

  1. first you have to have images like explained in the previous paragraph. in case the images are still large in your Excel file, then try to select one picture and do the following. click on the image here below to see it more clearreduce image size excel
    • click “compress”
    • click “best for sending per email (96 ppi)
    • save the file
  2. always prepare the Photo Offer in an Excel File and not in Word or Pdf etc.
  3. remember that the buyer may not speak your language, so try to use his language or in most of the cases, english (including description of the articles or even the products names)
  4. each offer should include the following general informations:
    1. Vendor Name (your company legal name)
    2. Vendor Full Address (where to receive parcels from your client)
    3. City
    4. Country
    5. Contact Name
    6. Contact email
    7. Contact Number
    8. Contact Cell Phone
  5. then there should be a section with informations about the offer. this should include:
    1. Lead Time (how long it takes for you to prepare the order and execute it)
    2. MoQ (minimum of order – it can be an amount, or nr of units per style or per total order etc)
    3. Payment Term (your desired payment term, but remember to be flexible in this)
    4. Incoterm (FOB, FCA, Ex Works etc)
    5. Currency (the quotations you give are in euros, usd..)
    6. date of the offer
  6. once you have completed this section, you can start building the structure of the Photo Offer. each line should represent one product only. each column an information to give:
    • Picture – Reference Style – Description – Size in cm / inch – Design Name – Capacity/month – Unit Price – nr of units in one Inner Carton – nr of inner cartons – nr of units in Master Carton – m3 volume of Master carton                                                                        click on the image here below to see it more clear 
    • excel photo offer
    • if you want this excel template, click vendor offer
  7. if each product can have different colors or designs, do not put just “all colors available”. at the bottom of the offer include a section called “Available Designs” or “Available Colors” where you list the images of the designs or colors available, giving a distinctive name or code.
  8. if some designs/colors are suitable for some products, than you should group them and in the “notes” section of the product (see above), just add for which group of designs/colors that particular product can be applied for the given price.
  9. if some designs/colors are more expensive than others, then group them again by price. for example group 1 is the standard price. group 2 has 10% more
  10. if the above mention solution is not suitable again for you, then just make several photo offers based on the designs and its given product quotation